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    Free Obamacare Health Insurance Estimator

    Learn Obamacare Health Insurance costs Without giving your Personal Information to the Government!

    The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) health insurance website is practically impossible to use. Worse, it requires you to submit a full application including all of your sensitive personal information before you find out what insurance plans are available, how much they cost, or how much of a subsidy you qualify for.  Corr Mitchell LLC is helping cut through the red tape to give you answers – and we’re doing it for FREE!

    With the tools below, you can find out what insurance plans are available. There are also estimates for how much they cost and what subsidy you qualify for, but these estimates tend to be low based on assumptions that HealthCare.gov makes and you cannot control.  With this information, you can find out the minimum cost of Obamcare insurance to help decide whether to apply for coverage if and when the official health insurance exchange is operational.

    Step 1: Find Available Health Insurance Plans

    Information about available plans comes directly from the official healthcare.gov website. The information is buried, but we have uncovered it and linked to it directly. Click here to view available policies and their costs.  From this link, all you need to do is:

    1. Choose whether you want to shop for coverage for yourself or a small business
    2. Choose whether you want to shop for Health or Dental insurance
    3. Select your State and County
    4. Select whether the insurance is for you or for you and members of your family
    5. Click through three informational screens that talk about benefits and limitations NOTE: this step has recently been eliminated by HealthCare.gov, which is why pricing is often underestimated!
    6. Voila! You can scroll through the plans and estimated prices available to you!  If you want to change criteria, then you can press the RESET button and repeat the process above.

    Step 2: Estimate Your Subsidy

    After you find out what plans are available, you can learn your approximate out-of-pocket costs by looking up your subsidy.  Below is a Subsidy Estimator provided courtesy of the Kaiser Family Foundation.  You can use this estimator to learn whether you qualify for an insurance premium subsidy and how much that subsidy will be without disclosing any personal information to the government! (Completing this form will bring you to the Kaiser Family Foundation website on a separate page)

    Your Privacy Is Protected – to the Extent We Can Protect It

    Corr Mitchell LLC is not capturing any of the information you enter into our site. These tools are provided as a courtesy to people and businesses who want to learn more about their options under the Affordable Care Act without disclosing private information to the federal government. Corr Mitchell LLC disclaims any responsibility for and does not warrant any prices or estimates generated through use of this site or any site to which it connects.  Corr Mitchell LLC also cannot control whether healthcare.gov or the Kaiser Family Foundation uses cookies or any other methods for tracking IP addresses or other potentially identifying information from use of its site.

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